Hypothyroidism Revolution – How to retain the benefits of folic acid

Hypothyroidism Revolution  Review – You need to take this into account, making a menu using a table, and when the diet is poor on the raw green vegetables (in winter, for example), reinforce the body taking vitamin complexes or special nutritional supplements.

How to retain the benefit of folic acid (vitamin B9) in foods and body? Today it is extremely difficult to find a person who has never taken antibiotics in the treatment of intestinal flora is destroyed, and synthesize vitamin B9 is none. To fix this you need to take products with Bifidobacteria, increasingly drink biokefir and yoghurts, to help in restoring the intestinal flora. Folic acid is destroyed by heat treatment, already mentioned, so you have to prepare meals quickly and under the lid closed Hypothyroidism Revolution Tom Brimeyer

Try to eat raw all you can eat raw, generally without heat treatment: a lot of Greens, fruits and vegetables. Eat salads, do more other dishes suitable for use raw or lightly “poached” products, such as the Baroque style, while the plate with any dish, spread a lot of fresh herbs. And do not neglect hospitality complex vitamins that contain folic acid-they will not be superfluous Contact Us Here

Why is there pain during menstruation – With such an unpleasant sign of menstruation, menstrual pain, like most women? Their intensity varies from minor discomfort to very painful feelings, to move that without the aid of painkillers. There are many ways to relieve menstrual pain, including the use of safe and effective home remedies.


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